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Each child moves at his or her own pace in Montessori schools.

Parents have choices when it comes to their children's education. These choices are not easy. Why do so many families choose Montessori?

More than a century has passed since Montessori education was developed to serve children and families around the world. The fundamentals remain - and for good reason. As we move forward into a new future, we believe Montessori has what it takes to prepare children for it. Our methods are continually backed by current research in education and human development.

Visit us!

We invite you to visit our school, meet the teachers, and observe the children in their classrooms. We encourage you to ask questions learn about the opportunities available at all levels of our programs.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide learning communities where children can joyfully engage in meaningful work, acquiring tools to engage in the world's big work.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where respect and kindness are inherent in everyday life, where understanding and connection are a priority, and where communities collaborate to improve the world.


Our Community

Wonderland Montessori is a community of families working together to provide students with the best possible learning environmentThrough purposeful work, independence, and movement, our students acquire skills and explore concepts that provide a foundation for life.

Our Students

The evidence of a student's success is the happiness of his life and the contentment in his work. Montessori students have a sense that their lives have deep and profound meaning. They have the heart and the skills to effect change. They are the hope for the future and are connected to their fellow humans.

Our Beliefs

  • Humanity's future lies in the hands of the children we work with every day.
  • Communities are built on shared experiences and connections.
  • As educators, we have a tremendous impact, and the choices we make will resonate for generations to come.
  • It is possible to achieve our vision by educating children in high-fidelity programs that adhere to the Montessori Method.

The Montessori method meets children where they are, without judging them.

As a result of conventional methods of education, large numbers of children have been prepared for the workforce. In the past, little thought has been given to differentiate instruction or catering to the needs of individual students. In recent years, this has changed, but many schools are still in the early stages of personalizing education.

As Montessori schools are specifically designed to allow each child to move at their own pace, we know that learning is not linear, and children are not ready to learn specific skills in perfect harmony with their peers, or within an adult-prepared timeline. Those kids who need more assistance with certain skills get it, and those who are ready for more challenge get it.

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