Wonderland Montessori After-School Program

At Wonderland Montessori Academy, we understand and respect the challenges faced by a working parent. Our program is designed to help you be assured that your child would be picked up from the Elementary school, their homework would be focused on, and the child will be exposed to activities and peers that they could learn from. We ensure that your child has the time they need to wind down from a day full of studies, to wash up and enjoy a snack. They are then led through their homework and they get to stretch themselves and enjoy some fresh air and sunlight in our play areas. After School Teachers ensure that they have a program designed for the children to get exposed to learning and discovery through science, art and cultural projects.

Our After-School room is equipped with computers as we understand that children may need to research and read up for class assignments. They are also encouraged to read during their time at the after-school program, to help them build their love for books.

We help children become socially adept and help them become responsible for the community by engaging them in activities that make them connect with the outside world.


Program Details

More details to be added soon...