Wonderland Montessori Academy

Wonderland Montessori Academy Partners with Baylor Healthcare Foundation to Provide Pediatric TeleHealth Program

The Pediatric Telehealth system is a child-friendly telemedicine kiosk with video and real-time videoconferencing capabilities. From this kiosk, Baylor Scott & White doctors at one of the busiest charitable hospitals in Dallas-Fort Wortharea can use the kiosk technology and capabilities to virtually communicate with specialists at a local children’s hospital to discus, diagnose and determine the best possible care for our young patients.

The kiosk and equipment will specifically be used at the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Irving, Texas. Each year, the Irving Hospital Emergency Room (ER) serves more than 70,000 patients—with nearly 17,000 of those being minors, 18 years of age or younger. While the Irving ER caresfor thousands of children safely and expertly without any issues, emergency doctors at the facility transfer about 650children by ambulance to a local children’s hospital each year, to provide greater expertise in care for these young patents.

With the Telehealth kiosks on site, doctors and care providers within the ER can now be advised by and consult witha children’s hospital ER specialist to make the best treatment determination possible in real time, saving valuable treatment time and vital care resources. Through the efforts and collaboration of the hospital staffs utilizing the technology, roughly 60 percent of these children are released in only a few hours, opposed to overnight and days spent at the hospital.


The support and charitable gifts provided by Wonderland Montessori Academy and their families will go solely to The Pediatric TeleHealthKioskat Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Irving for vital consultations. The hospital estimates the programwill save approximately 400 families a year, saving costs on expensive expenditures such as ambulance rides while providing a greater peace of mind by receiving care at one primary facility.



One Pediatric Telehealth Kiosk costs $19,000. Baylor Scott & White and Wonderland Montessori Academy are hoping to fully fund the cost through our donations,  gifts from our families, vendors and friends We appreciate your assistance in supporting this generous cause.


To make a contribution to the Wonderland Montessori partnership with Baylor Healthcare benefiting the Pediatric TeleHealth Program, please click here.