Safety is one of our Prime Focus at Wonderland Montessori Academy

2018 has been a momentous year at Wonderland Montessori Academy. Not only did we bring in a paradigm shift going on the Path to our AMS accreditation, but we also acknowledged how important and essential it is for parents to be at peace while being assured that their children are in a safe facility, in the hands of a loving caregiver.



A few steps that we undertook this year reflects how seriously we take this commitment:

1.      Security within the physical environment- In October 2018, we initiated a double door security measure ensuring that the front doors of the school are locked at all times with access codes only provided to our staff and parents. As soon as one enters the lobby, there is another set of doors that the parents need to sign in on, through codes that are specific to each family and child.

2.      Training and Development- To ensure that our children get the best care, it is important for us to care for, as well as invest in our staff. For a more engaged and skilled workforce, we know that our training and development program has to be robust and holistic. This year we mandated an Orientation training program over 3 days for all new hires, so they understand WMA processes and policies, the Montessori Philosophy, Positive guidance for children as well as minimum licensing standards.

Staff are also sent for Montessori training this year to two prestigious institutes- Montessori Institute of North Texas, as well as DMTEP. This was done to enhance their skill sets and to equip them with the tools and knowledge within a Montessori environment. We have 30 staff currently undergoing their training and the commitment is to have a certified teacher in all environments.

3.      Hiring- While we carry out a robust background and fingerprinting for all staff hired, it does not stop there. At least two reference checks are run for each profile. The first 90 days, the staff are on probation and numerous checks and balances are put in place to ensure that their performance is in line with the WMA philosophy of respect for the child. Our lobbies are equipped with TVs as all classrooms are monitored and the Management team in the front office has access to these live feeds. They carry out quality checks through observations inside, as well as outside of the classroom. We’ve also recently hired a Business Development Manager as well as a Montessori Guide at the Corporate level and they have been involved in setting up the physical environment to create more space for the freedom of movement and expression of children under our care. Teachers have been trained to run observations on each and every child and to create logs to help assess the development and growth of each child within the classroom. Feedback, coaching and mentoring is provided to each staff as we help them understand our commitment to safety for the child.

4.      Honoring Minimum Licensing Standards and Respecting the governing body of DFPS- Every childcare is governed by the department of family and protective services. In the event of a licensing violation, which occurs time to time, our approach has always been to self-report the incident and to partner with our licensing representative. We want to be held accountable and we want to learn from our mistakes. When you see licensing incidents against our schools, note, these are self-reported because we want to be honest and transparent. With the support and guidance from our licensing representatives, it is then our endeavor to fix the gaps in our processes and facilities to ensure these licensing issues do not recur.

There is a lot of thought, effort and love that goes in the foundation of our organization. There is a lot of passion that drives the vision and goals of Wonderland Montessori Academy. We invite you to talk to us should you have any issues and concerns, or suggestions that we could take on board. At the end of the day, we want to partner with you on what’s best for the children and to give them the best care and education possible!

Wonderland Montessori