Wonderland Montessori Introduction

Wonderland Montessori believes in the child-centered educational approach. This philosophy is named after Dr. Maria Montessori who designed materials and techniques that would promote a natural growth of learning in students. Real News Communications Network's Digital Correspondent Sarah Macias shows us why this philosophy continues to thrive.

Stacy Burks, Head of School, Wonderland Montessori Academy

Wonderland started in 2010 with our fourth school in Flower Mound.

Right now we have seven schools. Six of them are in the DFW area and one of them is in Arizona.

There is a wider range of students versus just a classroom of all two year olds or all three year olds. We do have mixed age groups. So that way there are leaders in the classroom.The younger ones kind of follow what the older ones are doing.

Claribel Rodriguez, Infant Community Guide

With the Montessori method, we are building their self esteem. We are giving them the freedom to make choices, because that is very important in life. They will have to make choices.

Christina Jimmerson, Infant Community Guide

We follow the child's development, not just a standardized curriculum. And also the teacher is not the center. You know, the teacher is there to guide and help the child, but we don't force them into anything they are not interested in.

Laura Villareal, Nido Guide

I don't jump in when I see that they are having trouble. I sit back and watch them problem solve it themselves. Then if they need me, I will come over and provide that assistance to them.

Stacy Burks, Infant Community Guide

We really encourage parent involvement on every aspect. So whether it's the curriculum or the events that we have. We open that opportunity and that door up to our families at all times.

Christina Jimmerson, Infant Community Guide

They can bring in items for food prep, which the toddlers especially love fresh flowers. The children can decorate the classroom. Because beauty is really important. They can also participate in events like international night. Things like that we try to involve them as much as we can.

Sanjay Joshi, CEO

Respect for each other, freedom of choice and expression are a must. Because of this when our children grow up, they will be able to give back to society. And will be an active member of it.

Christina Jimmerson, Infant Community Guide

It's a lifestyle, it's not just something you do during the day. It's not just a job. It's something that you take home.

Sanjay Joshi, CEO

We believe education should prepare a child for life, not only for the test. We work as a team with families and build a community of trust with everybody involved in the early education of our students.


Jared Brasher