Enrichment Programs at Wonderland Montessori

Wonderland Montessori Academy is a firm believer in the all-rounded development of every child. In achieving this, it is imperative for us to understand the importance of life sciences and fine arts. An education program is successful to the extent that it nurtures the creativity and interests of a child. Every child must learn the wonder of dance and music, art and drawing, the love and passion for team sports and exercise.

Wonderland Montessori Academy offers both options- in-house enrichment programs as well as parent-paid programs. Our aim through offering these programs is to introduce children to areas that they would love to grow in and enjoy. This helps them become self-confident and creative individuals. Our enrichment programs include Music, Spanish, Dance, Physical Education, exposure to Sports and we continue to explore other options each year, to see what our children could benefit from.


Program Details

More details coming soon...