Wonderland in Gilbert, Arizona

Wonderland Montessori of Gilbert, Arizona opened in March 2017. This school serves families of children from 6 weeks through 6 years of age (including the kindergarten year) in the Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler communities.

The peaceful and normalized Montessori environments allow the child freedom of movement, as well as the confidence to learn, based on their freedom of choice. When children are guided, in place of being ‘instructed’, they learn through the process of self-correction. This in turn builds their confidence, independence and love for learning.

Our certified teachers guide the children with love and compassion. They lead the children from the concrete to abstract, engaging them in a multi-sensorial environment, reinforcing learning and retention of foundational principles that help them excel as compared to their peers from traditional learning environments.


Leann Staub joined the Wonderland community in 2017, and returned in 2019 as the Head of School at the Gilbert location. Leann holds her ECE credentials with over 15 years of experience; she strongly believes that a child’s learning goes beyond the classroom.

"Though out the years I have learned that a child’s education goes beyond learning. Before a child can learn they must feel comfortable in a safe and healthy environment. When a child feels safe it fosters the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. A positive environment is needed in order for children to fully understand love, encouragement, and respect. Although it is important to teach them an academic curriculum; we owe it the children to understand them as individuals and this is why the Montessori philosophy is so necessary and beautiful."

Leann Staub - Head of School

Leann Staub
- Head of School

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