The Knowledge for Life Journey

Equip your children with the knowledge for life. The main focus of this program is to instill in children a growth mindset, self-analysis, independence, responsibility, community living and to help them feel pride and secure in their own interests and development. 
A child observes everything from his day to day life activities and gains knowledge through the real experience of how to accomplish life skills in a tenacious way. Activity includes specific to the child's time & place that helps them to bring a sense of being & belonging in daily life with us. The Montessori methodology allows children free choice of materials, uninterrupted work cycles, freedom of movement and activity within the limits set within their environment.

This approach helps us as educators to also understand that they key aim of education is to instill independence within our children and that the role of the guide or teacher is primarily as an observer, a director of their innate psychological development