Nido 2
(12-18 Months)

Montessori learning is ideal for children in this particular age group! Montessori is all about hands-on learning, self-directed learning and developing key life skills like independence, self-exploration and concentration through the uninterrupted work cycles.

Children are discovering the stability in walking and the freedom of movement that the classroom provides helps their gross motor development. There is more they can do with their hands, now that they are no longer crawling.

At this point they are able to grasp things and their hand-eye coordination develops more.

There are so many exciting changes that start to occur for a child during this age group that there is a plethora of learning that takes place simultaneously and the brain is soaking in all the learning. Children are learning to communicate. This learning is encouraged by talking “to” the child, not talking “at” the child.

This is usually when the 3-period work lesson is introduced to the children when they are first introduced to an object. They are then asked to point out or identify the object they were introduced to. The third stage is to ask the child to name the object.

This is how children’s learning is naturally graduated from the concrete to the abstract.


Program Details

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