Wonderland Montessori Academy is revolutionizing the way Montessori education is imparted.

We provide very well-equipped classrooms, support for continuing education, and competitive salaries and benefits to our teachers.

At Wonderland Montessori School, we place a high value on teachers who are passionate about authentic Montessori education. We strongly believe that great teachers are our greatest asset.

Bring Your Passion to Work!

Our vision at Wonderland Montessori Academy is to shift the paradigm in which Montessori education is imparted. Our philosophy is not only about focusing on the socio-cognitive and physical development of the child, but also on helping our teachers grow in learning and experience as well.

It is our belief that learning is a two-way process. To create an environment that fosters learning, we need to feel it vibrant within us. Our dreams become a reality when we bring our passion to the table, and that enthusiasm is infectious and collaborative. Send your resume and cover letter to or visit your local Wonderland Montessori community.

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