About Wonderland

Educators at Wonderland believe that the world is best served by students who are creative, confident, and independent and who recognize the interdependence of all living things.

Wonderland Montessori embodies the Montessori philosophy by interpreting Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophies faithfully. Our programs include the infant, toddler, primary, and elementary (through 6th grade) levels of Montessori education.
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Our Leadership

Aparna Joshi and her husband Sanjay spotted an issue in the Montessori programs available a decade ago, which drove them to co-found Wonderland Montessori. Aparna, who's had firsthand experience dealing with the tribulations of finding quality preschool education for her kids, has created a supportive setting that celebrates the challenges and pleasures of fostering developing persons through the scientifically-established Montessori technique. Her conviction in the collaboration between guardians and schools to fulfill every child's exclusive desires stands strong. Aparna earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from University of Dehli. As for hobbies, she enjoys doing interior design jobs and traveling with her family.

Our multi-cultural approach to education is complemented by the ethnic and religious diversity within our student body.
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Our Community

Through purposeful work, independence, and movement, our students acquire skills and explore concepts that build a foundation for life at Wonderland Montessori.

In Wonderland, theory and practice should be balanced in education.
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Love of Learning

At Wonderland Montessori, we recognize the potential of each child and nurture their natural curiosity. Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere that stimulates personal excellence, creativity and a lifelong appreciation for learning. Our school's positive vibes are palpable - our students collaborate with respect under the guidance of their teachers. We are proud to see visitors in awe at this unique environment and culture!

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