Bring your passion to Work!

At Wonderland Montessori Academy, we are bringing a paradigm shift to the way we impart Montessori Education. Not only is it all about the focus on socio-cognitive and physical development of the child, our philosophy is also about helping our teachers grow in learning and experience through the process.

We believe that learning is two-ways. To build an amazing learning environment, we have to feel it vibrant inside us. Our dreams come alive through the passion that we bring to the table and that excitement is an infectious and collaborative.

Our Goals for your Career!

The hunger for knowledge is like a spark to a flame! We look for that love and that big heart in our educators, for children. Our aspiration is to hire the best, but also people who understand that every child’s needs are different, their learning curves vary. We look for that ingredient of empathy and kindness. If you are constantly working towards ensuring every child’s learning needs are being met, through your innovative and singular approach to them, then WMA is the place for you!

Teamwork helps us build a strong future!

At WMA, we would like to believe that we’ve created a community within a community. Our efforts are always directed to working as a family that lifts each other up, that share ideas, best practices, coach and mentor each other. And that we let our hair down and have fun with what we do! Our teaching methodology nurtures the arts and crafts, helps the children grow a fondness for music and dance, theater and play. In all of this, we feed their soul and build their independence, preparing them to be citizens of the world through grace and courtesy!

If this sounds like the team that you could be a part of, and would love to contribute to, please apply to the available positions at WMA!

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