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This environment is carefully prepared to foster the functional independence of toddlers, providing order, rich language of their immediate world, a positive toileting experience and constant opportunities to make decisions of their own, which helps them build a strong and confident self-image.

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Sense of order

It is important for toddlers to feel at ease in their world which can be fostered by having consistent daily routines. This brings a sense of security to the toddlers and helps them adjust to changes in the environment. A key factor in this is the sensitive period of order which provides opportunity for their brains to learn how to arrange and distinguish their environment. Toddlers often find joy when they play a part in activities that promote orderliness, like tidying up, sorting items and similar tasks.

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Practical Life

Real-life experiences are the key in practical life, enabling toddlers to learn how to feed themselves, organize meals, and complete daily life tasks independently. We design such activities so that children can become more self-reliant and take part in the community. Toddlers value being appreciated and feel satisfaction as they help others or learn from them. Our mixed-age group provides a unique experience for the older toddlers to show their skills and help younger ones, as well as allowing the younger ones to gain knowledge from their peers.

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Developing trust and confidence in the environment enables children to learn to use the toilet. This is the first step toward independence and self-construction. Toddler Community guides observe and observe these signs of development in the child and provide the appropriate assistance so that the process is respected harmoniously.

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Grace and courtesy

Children learn social skills through observation and imitation. Our guides are self-aware and demonstrate grace and courtesy, respectful expressions, tone of voice, and precise movements to children to promote courteous behavior.

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