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A program that supports the development of children

Through activities that connect with the outside world, the elementary program supports the development of children as they become socially adept and responsible for the community. In elementary classrooms, students build on the skills they learn in primary school.

As our students progress, their responsibilities increase. Tasks are assigned daily and on a weekly basis, with the skills rotating. Curriculum is developed to meet, and in most cases exceed, state standards, with each child having their own work plan that incorporates math, language arts and cultural subjects. Reading programs are tailored to individual student ability rather than age, as well as spelling and handwriting drills.

The students’ increasing engagement with the outside world is supported by trips and community service. As they mature in elementary school, Montessori materials and lessons become more relevant in terms of interconnectivity, paving the way for learning abstract concepts.

It provides opportunities for both individual and group work, encouraging exploration, research, collaboration, and sharing among independent, responsible, and capable students.

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